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If you’ve ever found suss emails in your inbox, important messages in your spam folder or realise at the last minute your boss’s meeting invite didn’t arrive, then your business could be vulnerable to online threats and missed opportunities.

Fact is, 97% of all emails are spam. That’s why it’s vital to put the right measures in place so nothing slips through the cracks opening your business up to potential risk.

The financial, reputational and operational costs of an email security breach can be devastating and take years to fully recover. By implementing robust Spam and Email solutions you’ll put your business in the best position to be secure, get your email when you need it and avoid any nasty surprises.



We provide Spam and Email services for:

  • Email set up services
  • Email washing + monitoring
  • External spam filtering
  • DNS configuration
  • Phishing campaigns
  • Office 365 exchange online
  • On premise hosted email
  • SSL certificate and domain management.
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Why choose
Spam and Email

Spam and other security threats are washed and blocked from your mailboxes so you can worry less, and focus on what really matters at work.

We put the right systems in place so your mail is always delivered.

We perform spear-phishing trials to see where risk exists and then train your company on how to tackle spammers head-on.




Experiencing high levels of spam and phishing attacks, Letizia Palmer Charted Accountants came to us wanting to reduce risk so they could keep their business protected. They planned to implement better online security measures that would ultimately stop the influx of spam hitting staff email accounts and prevent unwanted phishing and spear-phishing attacks.


Letizia Palmer Charted Accountants saw the need to stay vigilant to keep online threats away from their business. Yet the increasing amount of spam, phishing and spear-phishing (or targeted) attacks hitting their system, was keeping the door open for mistakes to be made via human error, giving online opportunists the green light to sweep in and steal data and (in turn) money.


With technology advancing at lightning speed, more and more online pathways arise with the aim of compromising companies. Even more frightening is how fast they’re multiplying with increasing ingenuity and stealth. Our client wanted to be proactive and stop the threat by implementing better spam filters. They were also seeking to educate staff about potential threats and stop them from clicking on links that could unsuspectingly put the company at risk. We set out to implement a detailed mail washing system to stop junk mail, then ran a custom phishing campaign to show Letizia where the security risks lay within their company walls.


Our first objective was to deep-clean 99.9% of the company’s emails through an intuitive mail washing system. Using Trend hosted email security, we rerouted all mail through these systems which methodically apply a set of rules to every email received. Here, newsletters, mail listing programs, blacklisted IPs, malicious/high-risk attachments and high spam users or ‘bad senders’ are stripped out and discarded. What’s delivered is only the most technically qualified and relevant mail. Our second objective was to test how susceptible the business was to a phishing attack and educate staff who may be vulnerable to the scams. To do this we worked with office managers to build a mailing list to use for our targeted phishing campaign. Splitting the list into random groups, we sent out a range of different phishing emails over a two week period. Each email was sent at different times to different groups to avoid detection, as we reported on who read the email, discarded it, clicked on any links and/or submitted credentials. Following the campaign, we reported on our findings and provided tips and tricks to our clients and their staff to avoid phishing attacks in the future.


Letizia Palmer Charted Accountants walked away with a detailed spam filter in place and eye-opening insights into how susceptible their business is to online threats. These intensive custom phishing attacks were painstakingly crafted to replicate all types of vendors and clients. Each one was made to look legitimate, with tiny discrepancies that would reveal the attack to the observant. At the end of our phishing campaign, our clients were supplied with a list of those who fell to the attack and were quite surprised by how many at-risk individuals they had on staff. Through thorough post-campaign support, we educated all staff members on exactly what to look out for in the future.


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