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Your business can skyrocket with change. But change is a big deal. So when the time comes to implement something new such as vital infrastructure upgrades, an office move or the expansion of your service, its success depends on getting it right. 

Our project consultation services determine a smooth and secure path to success. We get to the bottom of your business needs then work alongside you, trusted third party vendors and our team of experts to put a highly customised plan in place that we coordinate and deliver exactly how you envision (with zero downtime).


To realise your goals and get your project off the ground with flying colours you deserve a dedicated team of experts who can seamlessly bring everything together. 

That’s where Metrowest IT comes in.



We provide IT consulting for:

  • Office relocation or expansion
  • Business expansions
  • Rural infrastructure projects
  • Local infrastructure projects
  • New business setups
  • Upgrades or changes to infrastructure.


Our services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Architectural planning
  • Operational planning
  • Implementation planning.
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Why choose IT
consulting services

We take the time to understand your problem, getting to know your business and your precise needs. 

We secure your processes and implement reliable, robust and intuitive systems. 

Every project is unique, we custom design infrastructure to your needs. 

Address what your business is missing and update your processes.

We implement your project with zero downtime so your business stays running.




In 2020 Best Western approached Metrowest to consult on an IT System upgrade for their serviced apartment complex in Karratha. This system upgrade would be part of a two-stage expansion addressing the shortcomings of their existing infrastructure and would lay the groundwork for more accommodation units to be added to the network in the future.


As a central hub for pilots transporting FIFO workers to site, Best Western requires advanced connectivity to keep rostered-on guests happy. Yet, outdated infrastructure delivering poor TV reception, limited wifi and internet blackspots left guests dissatisfied and struggling to connect with families as they dealt with isolation born from pandemic related quarantines and roster work. With the accommodation industry growing in Karratha, swift action was required to avoid corporate booking cancellations which could compromise up to 60% – 70% of Best Western’s total occupancy. Faced with a waning and outdated infrastructure, our client not only needed better connectivity, they needed a higher functioning IT system that could better support administration efficiency, elevate overall amenities and assist with future growth. They were after a system that intuitively worked within every facet of their business.


To quote and scope the job correctly we made frequent site visits to Karratha to observe how the business functioned as a whole before the job got underway. With a full understanding of business operations, we could provide a more thorough appraisal of what their IT system required to perform robustly across the board, now and into the future. What we delivered was a high-level, forward-thinking and competitively priced solution, that removed the need to double spend on infrastructure in the future when the time comes to expand their business.


Understanding their old technology needed to be fully replaced to get the best outcome, Best Western was keen to reuse existing elements. To minimise their investment in new infrastructure, they requested the integration of their current hotel management system and hotel phones into the backbone of the new network. Taking a fully customised approach to their design, we removed all old networking infrastructure to start building from the ground up. This allowed us to incorporate their existing systems in a more efficient way. A key feature we included in their new system is strong built-in redundancies. This feature was missing from their old infrastructure and is vital in separating the connectivity of each accommodation unit, isolating failures in the system if they arise to ensure ongoing network availability and boost fault tolerance. Our custom design made sure everything was separated, running at high 10-gig speeds, with no leak over traffic between VLANs.

Completing this job during the height of COVID-19 was one of the biggest challenges we faced. Karratha’s remoteness required us to be as prepared as possible going into our build. If we didn’t bring the right equipment or parts for the job, they were going to be faced with disconnected units and the potential loss of income from dissatisfied guests. With our client’s best interest at heart, it was vital everything was there and it was going to work. The stakes were high and there was no room for error.


A smoother, faster IT system has resulted in higher guest satisfaction and an increased occupancy rate for Best Western. With everything working smoothly guests are now content. With everything functioning properly our client’s own frustrations have now been removed. What we were able to provide them with was the most cost-efficient pathway that refused to compromise on product, design, installation and project management and increased their redundancy performance. We successfully implemented their new system with very little downtime all while reducing their spending by an impressive 20%.


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