Your digital fortress

Imagine getting locked out of your own business. Your data being held at ransom, falling into the wrong hands, or even destroyed. It’s a distressing and debilitating thought. But in a world where cyber threats continue to grow, it’s an entirely real possibility.

Cybersecurity fends off online attacks by protecting your network and everything on it. Similar to a digital fortress manned by a team of security pros – this service puts infrastructure in place to fend off attacks which try to get your data and IP, steal your identity and ultimately, take your money.

Our Cybersecurity team has the knowledge of what’s out there and the foresight to know what’s coming your way… as well as the expertise to build your business’s resilience. We form a digital stronghold around your business (including the incorporation of escalated services into platforms such as Office 365) to keep you protected against all possible threats.



We protect you against:

  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Ransomware.


  • Data security
  • Internet security
  • Malware and Ransomware protection
  • Advanced firewall services
  • 2 factor authentication/multi factor authentication
  • Data encryption
  • Antivirus software and monitoring.

Why choose
cybersecurity services

Be confident your data is stored safely and only the right people have access to it.

We put in effective firewalls and antivirus protections and continually update them to keep you safe.

Our team regularly monitors and scans your system.




Our client Aspen Corporate unsuspectingly found themselves the target of a zero-day attack, a growing cyber security threat. A zero-day attack is the first attack day of a newly developed cyber threat. These attacks come from new computer-software vulnerabilities that don’t exist in the world until ‘zero-day’ and are often diabolical because no one is aware yet of the technology. What this means is every (and any) business is vulnerable to a zero-day attack. Having previously set up strong backup systems for Aspen Corporate, we set out to block the attack, recover their systems and rescue their data.


Microsoft alerted us our client was at risk of a zero-day attack, so we first needed to figure out what was happening. In this particular case, the threat was globally unknown, meaning it had never been seen before. Even Microsoft had limited information about how the attack may infiltrate Aspen Corporate’s systems. An unknown threat opens the door for hackers to exploit this lack of knowledge and adversely affect programs, data, additional computers or networks. Our job was to immediately lock down and secure their servers then determine a pathway to remove the risk and restore any lost data.


This job had three distinct steps. Identify. Isolate. Restore and secure. Although the threat was still being analysed by Microsoft, they provided us with as much initial information as they could to assist us in finding indicators of a compromise. With these details, we went about disabling all access to and from the exchange server, preventing the exploit from moving laterally. With the risk at bay, we restored their server and implemented a patch speedily developed by Microsoft, rendering the vulnerability useless


Our job was to stop the cyber attack in its tracks, proactively restore their exchange server to what it was before the exploit and patch the vulnerability.. Firstly we disabled Aspen Corporate’s network access to and from their exchange server so the attack couldn’t move laterally. This stopped hackers from connecting to at-risk computers, as well as other systems within the network. Isolating the situation, we moved forward, scanning exchange logs for indicators of the compromise. Finding several we took the precaution of restoring the operating system partition of the exchange server using our backup and disaster recovery technology, Veeam. Once the operating system was restored, we patched the vulnerability and got our client back up and running within 15 minutes with zero data loss.


It was business as usual for Aspen Corporate. As soon as we heard about the threat we instantly acted, mitigating the risk so no data was lost. While the threat was large with potential chaotic consequences, the speed of our actions and our secure backup systems ensured our client experienced no more than a delay in email communication.


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