Backup & Disaster Recovery

Are you a statistic or a survivor?

Its a simple question, will your business survive a catastrophic event or become a statistic.

We take this question very serious which is why we have spent a considerable amount of investment developing solutions that will ensure our customers never become one of those statistics, can your current IT provider say the same?

Below are just some of the features included in backup our solutions:

Simple and seamless – The greater the end user interaction the greater the risk for failure. Our solutions require zero user input completely eliminating human error.
Always on time – Any backup that requires manual input has already failed. all our solutions are automated with real time monitoring to alert us if a schedule is missed.
We are watching – Sending an email on completion does not constitute monitoring. All our backup solutions are monitored in real time 24/7 so the appropriate action can be taken quickly in the event of a backup failure.
Hardware Independent – Our backup solutions are hardware independent so in the event of a catastrophic loss, core servers and data can be recovered to any hardware regardless of the architecture or location.
Stored Offsite – The use of offsite backup allows multiple copies of your data to be stored in various locations. This is mandatory to survive a catastrophic event!
Data Encryption – All our backup solutions come with military grade encryption ensuring our customers data is always secure.
The InevitableRecovery is the only reason we backup. Our backup solutions are so good we are able to guarantee the complete recovery of an environment at any point in time up to 7 years ago.

If you think your current backup may be inadequate call us 9409 4000 or email to find out more about our Industry leading backup solutions.



Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a documented set of procedures used to recover a business and its IT infrastructure which has been rendered unusable due to a disaster.

Our Disaster Recovery Plan’s are individually customised for each customer and include:

Risk Assessment
Business Impact Analysis
Recovery Time Objectives
Recover point objectives

Metrowest IT has vast experience with Disaster Recovery planning and we have developed a number of key solutions which assist in the process. Call us 9409 4000 or email to find out more about Disaster Recovery planning.

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