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With the ever increasing use of Email, Social Media and the Internet the increase in exploits like Ransomeware, Malware, Phishing and Social Engineering is unprecedented. These forms of cyber-attacks are becoming so sophisticated in their approach to targeting and exploiting business that they are quickly becoming the number one threat to all small business. Fortunately it’s not all doom and gloom, companies like us are continually evolving in our approach to dealing with these serious threats.

Some of the common threats we successfully prevent for our customers:

Ransomware – Email arrives from your supplier or friend with a destructive payload that encrypts your entire system. The most common variant is Cryptolocker and your only choice is to restore from backup or pay the ransom

Malware – Abbreviated from the term “malicious software” it can be delivered either through email, social media and websites. Their purpose is to be destructive and often the only option is to recover from backup.

Phising – These are specially crafted emails or social media links design to gather personal or commercial information from an unsuspecting user.

Social Engineering – This is the art of manipulating someone so they give up confidential information similar to Phising.

Regardless of the steps you take to minimise your exposure to cyber-attack the best tool in your arsenal will always be a reliable backup solution.


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