“Be the best you can”

Metrowest IT was established in Perth, Western Australia in 1999 as part of a technology group supplying quality IT services to many small and medium size businesses.

As we approach our 20 year anniversary we’re unwavering in our commitment to our staff and customers. It is in part this commitment that has allowed our team of dedicated highly technical engineers to grow and foster a culture to be proud of.

As more and more Companies see the value in partnering with Metrowest IT, our culture grows with them. This mutually beneficial relationship is one of the many reasons we have enjoyed a such a high customer retention and satisfaction rate.

If its one thing that sums up Metrowest IT its the adopted mantra “be the best you can.”


What makes us different?

“I know…I’ve heard all the cliché’s too, but hand on heart if I had to say what makes us different from the vast majority it would be simply that we really do care. We care about our company, we care about the companies we support and we care about the way we conduct ourselves.

We realised early our people were our strength and to watch them foster a culture of pride in everything they do…..well it becomes pretty clear what makes us different.”

Grant Dawson, MD

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